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Assorted Glass Books

a variety of books about glass in our Library

In this section of the Library you'll find books about Design (not necessarily glass), Glass Books for Kids, Glass Fiction, and a few odd titles that needed a home. As always, there's a search box at the bottom of the page for your own discoveries.

Symbols Signs SignetsSymbols, Signs and Signets (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

I've always liked this book. It has an eclectic mix of 1355 symbols drawn from a wide variety of sources - Gods and Deities, Astronomy and Astrology, Alchemy, Religions, Heraldry, Monsters and Imaginary figures, Japanese Crests, Cattle brands, Hobo signs and more. Includes explanatory notes.

Designer's Guide to ColorDesigner's Guide to Color

There's a whole series of these guides, each one with different color schemes. A compact, useful tool for seeing how different colors will work (or not) with each other.

Handbook of Designs and DevicesHandbook of Designs and Devices

Another great little book filled with 1,836 basic geometric designs and variations. Sourced fromEgyptian, Grecian, Roman, Arabian, Japanese and other motifs. With notes explaining the historical backgrounds of the plates and their symbolism.

Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form: Revised Edition - by Maurice de Sausmarez

Japanese Design MotifsJapanese Design Motifs (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

Traditional Japanese Design MotifsTraditional Japanese Design Motifs: With 264 Illustrations (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

A world of pattern (A Lift-up book) - by Gwen White

Lettering on GlassLettering on Glass (Glass Handbooks) - by Charmian Mocatta

Very often beautifully engraved designs on glass are spoiled by poor lettering because, though the artist knows how to draw, he does not know the fundamentals of producing good letters. In this book, Charmian Mocatta discusses the basics of lettering, significant properties of glass such as translucence and color, and the techniques such as engraving and sandblasting by which letters can be put on glass. This is a practical handbook which uses the artwork of internationally known glass artists to illustrate the text.

glass books for kids (and the young at heart)

THE SEE-THROUGH ZOO - by Suzanne Haldane

Text and photographs introduce the art of making glass animals.

How Glass Is Made (How It Is Made) - by Alan J. Paterson

Describes glass products, how they are made, and the people who make them.

Glassmakers Colonial CraftsmenThe Glassmakers (Colonial Craftsmen) - by Leonard Everett Fisher

Discusses the history, materials, and technique of glassmaking in the American Colonies.

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Glassblower (The Library of Living and Working in Colonial Times by J. L. Branse

Glass and Glassmakers - by Reginald George Haggar

A Tryal of Glasse: The Story of Glassmaking at Jamestown - by J. C Harrington

The Glassblower's Children - by Maria Gripe - translated by  Sheila La Farge

I believe this one's a fairy tale. From which country? Offhand, I can't say...

Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring BookTiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

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glass fiction

Shattered - Dick FrancisShattered - by Dick Francis

When jockey Martin Stukely dies after a fall at Cheltenham, he accidentally embroils his friend Gerard Logan in a perilous search for a stolen videotape. Logan is a glassblower on the verge of widespread acclaim. Long accustomed to the frightful dangers inherent in molten glass and in maintaining a glassmaking furnace at never less than 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, Logan is suddenly faced with terrifying threats to his business, his courage, and his life.

Glass Factory - Filomena BuscarselaThe Glass Factory (Filomena Buscarsela Mysteries)

Sharp-tongued and wise-cracking Filomena Buscarsela has been given some sobering news. She has cancer and is not given long to live. She knows the one responsible for her slow lingering death. Sam Morse's glass factory has polluted the community's water for years.

As her life is falling apart, Filomena is determined to get her revenge. She will stop at nothing to bring Morse to his grave, for after all what has she got to lose?

Purloined Paperweight - P G WodehouseThe Purloined Paperweight - by P.G. Wodehouse

Revolving around an antique 18th century paperweight, collector with a mania for 18th century French paperweights, and the usual light romantic interests between several other characters, this book is sure amusement for several hours. As always with Wodehouse--be prepared to laugh!

Murder in Stained Glass - by Margaret Armstrong

I have to admit I haven't read this one and couldn't find a review of it on Amazon. But with that title, I just had to add it to this list. My dad was an avid reader and collector of mysteries, and he had a copy of this one in his collection. Try it... you'll like it?

The Glass Blowers - by Daphne Du Maurier

"Daphne du Maurier has written a very moving, fictionalized account of her family during the time of the French Revolution. The historical detail is fascinating, and the family relationships are marvelously done. You can "hear" the voices of the characters, smell the smoke from the glass house and from the guns in war, feel the pain of loss, and the bittersweet quality of victory and reunion."

Amy, the Glass-Blower's Daughter: A True Narrative - by Sarah Hopkins Bradford

Published by the American Sunday School Union in 1847. We just had to include this little morality tale from the mid-19th century. This book is fairly scarce, but they do turn up every once in a while.

glass poetry

The Glassblower's Breath - by Sunetra Gupta 

Published by Grove Press. I haven't seen this one, but I believe it's a collection of poems. Nice title, don't you think?

And here's another one with the same title. Different author, though. Guess he liked that title, too. The Glassblower's Breath - by Thomas Lux

Still looking for that special title? We may not have it, but someone else does.

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