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Glass How-to Books

Glass how-to books in our library

Here's where we keep a lot of our "how to work with glass" books. Glassblowing is NOT here. Neither is Lampwork or Stained Glass, although you may find some books related to those topics.

This is really the "catch-all" section of our library - the section where we put books about glassworking techniques that don't clearly fall into one of the other major glassworking topics we collect.

Explore, discover, enjoy!

Decorative Glass Processes - by Arthur Louis Duthie

This is a Dover reprint edition of the book originally published in 1911 - At that time, the first comprehensive anthology of flat-glass craftsmanship written in English. It gives details of glas cutting, etching, staining and other traditional techniques.

Traditional Glassworking Techniques - by Paul N. Hasluck

Another Dover edition, this book was originally published in 1899 as "Glass Working: By Heat and By Abrasion". It gives detailed instructions on scientific glassblowing ( or lampwork). With more than 300 illustrations, it tells how to manipulate glass tubing to blow bulbs and flasks, how to make pipettes, test tubes and other laboratory glassware, how to blow and etch fancy glass articles, how to turn, chip and grind glass and more. It also tells how to gild and emboss sheet glass, how to salvage damaged glassware and how to construct a drill for boring holes in glass.

The Encyclopedia of Working With Glass - by Milton Berlye

This book discusses "29 different glasswork activities as well as an understanding of glass as a material". The front section of the book includes procedures and techniques such as cutting, drilling, bending, sagging, blowing, chipping, joining, finishing, decorating, mending, etc. The rest of the book explains how to make stained and slab glass panels, make and repair Fiberglas objects, create glass mosaic panels and furniture, making glass enamels, mirror making, proper glazing beads on windows and panels and more. 

Creative Glass Techniques: Fusing, Painting, Lampwork by Bettina Eberle

Published by Lark Books, 1997. This how-to book introduces three essential and accessible techniques that have endless creative potential. CREATIVE GLASS TECHNIQUES covers 30 projects, from a simple plate to lampworking to fluted wine glasses, and more. Valuable for novice and experienced glassworkers alike. 160 color photos.

Scientific American Cyclopedia of Formulas (patinas, etc.)

The Techniques of Glass Engraving - by Jonathan Matcham & Peter Dreiser

Engraving and Decorating GlassEngraving and Decorating Glass: Methods and Techniques - by Barbara Norman

A comprehensive introduction to the history, materials, tools and techniques of glass engraving and other forms of glass decoration. Includes diamond point engraving, drill engraving and copper-wheel engraving, as well as painting glass, glass collage, glass fusing and glass forming.

Engraving Glass : A Beginner's Guide by Boyd Graham

Point Engraving on Glass by Laurence Whistler

Not a how-to, this slim, well-illustrated book will inspire you with historic and modern examples of engraved glass.

Sand Carving Glass: A Beginner's Guide - by L.S. Watson

"Discover the tricks and techniques of producing beautiful decorated glassware!

"From sandblasting a simple design on flat glass to multi-level engraving and high relief carving to sculpturing porcelain, all the expert guidance you need on the basics of sand carving is here - the techniques, terminology, problems, and the solutions. With this process of eroding a glass surface by the impact of abrasive particles under air pressure, you can turn any glass object - drinking glass, window, or mirror - into a fabulous work of art!"

"...learn how to select supplies and materials, what equipment you'll need, ...how to prepare your selection and choose the type of decoration ...etched, engraved, carved, or sculptured.

"...learn how to do stencil cutting, intaglio engraving, acid etching, laser etching and much more."

Includes a selection of beginning and advanced projects with instructions, and several additional design motifs.

Glass Etching: Surface Techniques and Designs - by Norm Dobbins

From a modern-master of sand-carved glass, this how-to will teach you everything you need to know to set up your blasting studio and get started.

Glass Etching Two - Carving Techniques and Designs

More terrific how-to info from Dobbins and company, including muti-depth sand-carving.

Resist and Masking Techniques by Peter H. Beard

Not specifically written for glass etching, but definitely applicable to glass.

The Art of Glue-Chipped Glass Signs (Sign Craft Technical Series) - by Robert R Mitchell

Chipped Glass: A Guide to the Manufacture and Processes of the Chipped Surface on Glass - by Joanne and Peter Nervo

A very basic guide to making glue-chipped glass.

Electroplating and Electroforming for Artists and Craftsmen - by Jay H. Newman

Not specifically written about electroplating on glass, but since you're creative, you'll figure out how to use the well-written information to get the results you desire.

Clay and Glazes for the PotterClay and Glazes for the Potter - by Daniel Rhodes

Hey, glazes are nothing but glass batches that are compatible with clay. Read it and learn.

Kilns: Design, Construction and Operation - by Daniel Rhodes

Want to learn how to build your own fusing and slumping kiln? Here's a lot of technical info from a guy who's built and worked with a lot of kilns.

technical books

Modern Glass Practice - by Samuel Ray Scholes

The Properties of Glass (American Chemical Society Monograph Series) - by George Washington Morey

Coloured Glasses (Monographs on glass technology) - by Woldemar A. Weyl

Scientific Glassblowing - by E.L. Wheeler - (also in our "lampwork" section)

Glass Science, 2nd Edition by Robert H. Doremus

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