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Antique and Collectible Glass

books about antique glass

There are literally thousands of books in print about antique and collectible glass. We've listed just some of the many titles we have in our library. You'll find books on specific companies, and on broad categories of collectible glass.

If we haven't included a book about your personal collectible favorite, use the search box at the bottom of the page to make your own discoveries.

Blenko Glass 1930-1953 - by Eason Eige

Consisting mostly of illustrations, this volume gives a brief history of glassmaking, goes on to detail the history of the Blenko Glass Company, then concentrates on the items produced from 1930 (when it "officially" became Blenko Glass) to 1953.

Included are numerous color photos picturing hundreds of glass pieces, dozens of black and white reproductions of original catalog pages (many with the original wholesale prices), and several pages of sketches, original advertisements, and photos of Blenko glass blowers at work.

Fenton glass book 1907-1939Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939: Identification & Value Guide (2nd Edition)

Fenton glass book 1939-1980Fenton Art Glass Patterns 1939-1980: Identification & Value Guide

Phoenix glass bookPhoenix Art Glass: An Identification and Value Guide (Schiffer)

Northwood glass bookHarry Northwood: Early Years, 1881-1900

Harry Northwood: The Wheeling Years, 1901-1925

Heisey glass book 1896-1924Heisey Glass: The Early Years : 1896-1924

Heisey glass book 1896-1957Heisey Glass 1896-1957: Identification and Value Guide

The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning

The Cut and Engraved Glass of Corning 1868-1940

H P Sinclaire, Jr, Glassmaker: The Manufacturing Years - by Estelle S. Farrar

Hawkes cut glass bookThe American Cut Glass Industry: T. G. Hawkes and His Competitors

Findlay Glass

Sandwich, the Town that Glass Built;: Illus. with drawings by Robert Hallock

Sandwich glass bookGlass Industry in Sandwich (The Glass Industry in Sandwich Series, Vol 2)

English Table Glass, (Batsford's Collector's Library)

English and Irish Glass - by Geoffrey Wills

Glass jewelry bookGlass in Jewelry : Hidden Artistry in Glass

English Cameo Glass

English Cameo Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass

Turn of the Century Glass: The Murray Collection of Glass

New England Glass and Glassmaking - by Kenneth M. Wilson

"This comprehensive history of New England glass contains nearly four hundred illustrations, showing the development of styles over a period of four centuries, from the founding in 1639 of the region's first glasshouse... in Salem, Mass., to the opening in 1970 of a new factory in Sagamore, Mass., by the Pairpoint Glass Company, Inc.

Wilson describes each of the factories that operated in the area, tells which types of glassware were made..., discusses individual pieces in detail, and offers the reader many expert judgments on the attribution of different items to specific factories and artisans...

The trials of the early entrepreneurs... are vividly described. Faced with severe competition from low-cost Anglo-Irish imports, many firms lasted only a year or two despite their claims... that American glassware was equal or superior to the best European ware.

All the great names are here, including:

  • Robert Hewes, operator of a glassworks in Temple, NH, in 1780-1781 and later "super-do" of the Pitkin glass Works in East Hartford, Conn.

  • Thomas Cains, founder of the Phoenix Glass Works, who as a young man was secretly recruited in England (it then being against British law to lure glassworkers to America).

  • Deming Jarves, whose Boston & Sandwich glass company became so famous for its lacy pressed glass that all glass of this type is now known as Sandwich glass.

  • The Coventry (Conn.) Glass Factory, whose highly varied output of bottles and other hollow wares makes it so interesting to collectors today.

  • the Glastenbury (Conn.) Glass Factory Company, the only nineteenth-century glasshouse whose site has been excavated by professional archeological methods.

  • such other renowned glasshouses as the New England Glass Company and the Mount Washington Glass Works...

Mr. Wilson deals with the complete range of glass products, from snuff jars and inkwells to plates, lamps, and bottles of all descriptions, to chandeliers and stained-glass windows.

He explains the reasons for changes in style and design; assesses the impact on glassmaking of such social movements as temperance and artistic movements as Bohemianism, and tells how the high costs of fuel and transportation combined with labor problems to lead to the industry's decline...

20th century stemware glass bookStemware of the 20th Century: The Top 200 Patterns

Animals in Glass: A Murano Bestiary

Glass Animals: 3500 Years of Artistry - by Albane Dolez

"Glass animals are among the most universally admired - and widely collected - art forms in glass. For more than 3500 years artisans have fashioned animals, ...real and fanciful, ...wild and domestic, in an astonishing array of forms and for a wide diversity of uses: as figurines, perfume bottles, jewelry, paperweights, beakers, tiles, plaques, lamps, vases, and stained-glass windows.

...Glass Animals surveys this rich heritage for the first time. Here, in 300 illustrations, are premier examples of the glassmaker's art, ranging in date from Dynastic Egypt to the present day, and from over twenty countries. The United States and Japan, Europe (from Russia to Spain), and the Middle East are all represented.

In addition to the historic examples, are Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass, and glass by such masters of the genre as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Emile Gallé, all drawn from museum collections and private treasuries the world over.

Pieces by the outstanding manufacturers of glass - Steuben, Baccarat, Lalique, Daum, Kosta Boda, and others - and contemporary examples from art glass makers of today add to this diverse compendium of animals in glass.

Equally diverse are the many types of glass, among them blown glass, mosaic, crystal, pâte de verre, and milk glass."

Depression glass encyclopediaCollector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass

depression glass bookDepression Glass for Collectors

Pressed glass bookA Complete Guide to Pressed Glass

American pressed glass 1825-1915Collector's Guide to American Pressed Glass, 1825-1915

Glass shoes bookCollectable Glass Shoes: Including Metal, Pottery, Figural & Porcelain Shoes

Glass tumblers bookGlass Tumblers: 1860S to 1920s Identification and Value Guide

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Auction catalogs are another great source of information about antique and collectible glass of all kinds.

They're usually loaded with photos (often in color) and typically include measurements, commentary about the history of a piece, and notes about any unusual features or particular identifying markings. 

And you can usually get a list of prices realized at the auction. That's a big help when you're considering buying or selling a similar item. Here's our favorite source for catalogs on glass, antiques, and all kinds of art and collectible items:

Auction catalogs from The Catalog Kid The Catalog Kid  is "the largest distributor for art, antique, and collectible post-auction catalogs in the U.S. with an inventory of over 200,000 auction catalogs in stock". Their selection always includes several art glass catalogs loaded with color photos and detailed descriptions.

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