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Books about Warm Glass:
fused, slumped, kiln-cast, and pate de verre

fused glass books in our Glass Library

In this section of the library, you'll find books about "warm glass" - glasswork requiring the use of a kiln. Fused glass, pate de verre, slumped glass, and kiln-casting.

Books about fired, painted glass are found in the Stained Glass section of the library.

Glass Craft: Designing, Forming, Decorating - by Kay Kinney

Written before the "fusing-compatible" era, this book by Kay Kinney is loaded with information about mold-making, fusing and slumping projects utilizing window glass, bottles, and other types of glass. Cutting, drilling, firing, laminating, enamels, lusters, metal foils, mica, and lots more. Even if you've got all of the "Modern" books on fusing and slumping glass, get a copy of this one too!

Kiln-fired glass - by Harriette Anderson

Written long before the availability of "tested-compatible" fusing glasses, this book contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in creating "warm glass"art.

"This book is a comprehensive study in the techniques of decorating and designing on glass... In 1947 Maurice Heaton, Frances and Michael Higgins, Earl McCutchen and others began to develop a new method of working with glass... they began to cut commercially available plate and window glass to the shape of a mold. When fired in the kiln, the glass sagged to take on the shape of the mold, without becoming molten.

"In this book Harriette Anderson tells how to make beautiful glass objects - trays, plates, etc - in a language a layman can understand, and in step-by-step procedures she describes materials needed, how to make the molds, decorate and fire the glass.

"The first chapters discuss equipment and preparation; one chapter fully explores... the many types of colorants - glass and enamel powders, oils, glazes. Then various techniques of decorating are explained: laminating, sgraffito, embossing, and even designing with bubbles.

Mrs. Anderson devotes full chapters to silk screen printing on glass and to firing schedules, taking into consideration the type of glass used and the kiln that it is fired in, and covers completely the special explanations of how glass is annealed and how to accomplish this."

HigginsHiggins: Adventures in Glass - by Donald-Brian Johnson, Leslie Pina

"Pioneers in fused studio and production glass since the 1940s, Michael and Frances Higgins continue to create some of today's most collectible glass objects. Higgins: Adventures in Glass chronicles their careers and accomplishments in the studio, at Dearborn Glass Company and at Haeger Potteries. A must-have for glass collectors and 1950s/1960s fans alike, this new book features 645 full-color photos, company catalog, vintage advertising, interviews with the artists and price guide."

Glassforming: Glassmaking for the Craftsman

"This book... concentrates on the glassforming techniques which involve heating and softening of glass, but it excludes flameworking and glassblowing...

The Schulers describe forming by sagging and laminating, using glass enamels and glass colors, and forming by mold-fusing and mold-casting. After a brief historical presentation... there is an introduction to physical properties and a detailed discussion of techniques, with examples.

A description of mold materials... and experiments on such materials follows. ...experiments with colored glasses from several manufacturers are described, with interpretation of the results...

The equipment required is listed, followed by a section on design. ...commercial production of glass... is described, along with some remarks about manufacturing methods in the past.

There are appendices on physical properties, on annealing and on suppliers.

The stress is on the revival of ancient methods, using modern physical and chemical knowledge and modern material, to free the craftsman... so that he may concentrate on design."

Kiln Firing Glass: Glass Fusing Book One - by Boyce Lundstrom

Written by the founders of the Bullseye Glass Company (and the innovators of 'fusing-compatible' glass), this series of books thoroughly covers the art of glass fusing and slumping. From how to tell if glasses are compatible to adding lampworked elements to fused glass pieces to firing and annealing schedules, these books explain it all.

Advanced Fusing Techniques (Glass Fusing, Book 2)

Glass Casting and Moldmaking (Glass Fusing, Book 3)

Introduction to Glass Fusing: 15 Complete Project Lessons & Ideas for Dozens of Additional Fused Pieces

Fused Glass Handbook - by Gil Reynolds

Pâte de Verre and Kiln Casting of Glass - by James Kervin & Dan Fenton

These guys have brought back glass fusing techniques that were 'lost' for decades. Learn about moldmaking, layering colors, annealing, and lots more. Take your kiln-fired glass projects to a whole new level.

G. Argy-Rousseau: Glassware As Art : With a Catalogue Raisonne of the Pates De Verre This book is an inspiration for anyone interested in working with Pate de Verre or kiln-casting glass sculptures. Argy-Rousseau was a master of the craft!

Molding TechniquesMolding Techniques (Ceramics Class)

Not written specifically for glass, but any creative artist-type can learn a lot that can be applied to glass slumping and casting.

Kilns: Design, Construction and Operation - by Daniel Rhodes

Written by potters and ceramicists, but loaded with useful information for any kiln user.

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