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We love glass paperweights. And we've been fascinated by glass marbles since we were kids. Here are several of the paperweight and marble reference works we have in our library. There are many more we haven't listed. Use the search box at the bottom of the page to find them.

The Collectors Guide to Paperweights (Collector's Guide Series) - by Sara Rossi

"A Collector's Guide to Paperweights allows everyone from the general reader... to the expert... to tread more confidently through the complex and sometimes treacherous trading world, and to focus clearly on the best, finest, and most collectable paperweights available.

In addition, it furnishes the reader with a sound historical perspective on the great paperweight manufacturers and the work they created, as well as offering professional advice on building, maintaining and displaying a collection, and buying and selling at the right price.

The guide has been devised by a leading authority from Spink and Son in London - one of the world's largest dealers in paperweights, silver, coins, and other art objects."

Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights Encyclopedia Of Glass Paperweights - by Paul Hollister, Jr.

"Encyclopedic in scope and copiously illustrated, (this book) surveys the entire history of the subject, from an exploration of the origins of millefiori techniques in 18th Dynasty Egypt to the latest paperweight developments the world over (circa 1969). With 140 weights in full color and 250 in black and white.

Within sections devoted to paperweight-making by country are histories of all major and most minor glassworks, with detailed studies of every type and variation of paperweight they made... Other chapters deal with sulphides, modern paperweights, and the scientific examination of paperweight glass. (Also includes) a complete glossary of terms, an exhaustive bibliography of pertinent glass literature, and a list of museums with paperweight collections..."

All About Paperweights by Lawrence H. Selman


100 Most Important Paperweights One Hundred of the Most Important Paperweights - by Paul Jokelson


Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society - by Paul Hollister

The Art of the Paperweight  The Art of the Paperweight - by Lawrence Selman


The Art of the Paperweight: Perthshire - by Lawrence H. Selman, Stuart Drysdale (Photographer)

This beautiful book, full of glorious colour pictures and information, covers Perthshire weights up to 1983. Excellent details and pictures of how paperweights are made.


Art of the Paperweight St. Louis The Art of the Paperweight: Saint Louis - by Gerard Ingold

Old Glass Paperweights, Their Art, Construction, and Distinguishing Features - by Evangeline Bergstrom


American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers - by Jean S. Melvin


Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom Art Center: The Complete Collection of Glass Paperweights and Related Items Illustrated in Full Color - by Evelyn Cloak Campbell

The Glass Menagerie : A Study of Silhouette Canes in Antique Paperweights by John D. Hawley


Paperweight signature canesThe Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes - by Andrew Dohan

Paperweights Jargstorf Paperweights - by Sibylle Jargstorf


Baccarat : Paperweights and Ralted Glass, 1820-1860 by Paul Jokelson, Dena Tarshis (Contributor), Francois-Hugues De Montuorin (Designer)

Classic French Paperweights Classic French Paperweights - by Edith Mannoni

Sulphides the Art of Cameo Incrustation - by Paul Jokelson

The history of sulphides, one of the oldest and most fascinating of all paperweight styles, is chronicled and explored in this well-researched book by paperweight scholar and historian Paul Jokelson.

A "Sulphide" is a glass object (most often a paperweight or marble) with a vitreous ceramic relief encased within. This ceramic inclusion gives the appearance of a cameo. Usually white or off-white, these cameo reliefs may also be multicolored, or even metallic.

This book pictures the finest examples of sulphide marbles, paperweights, buttons, placques, vases, and other glass objects from all over the world.

It includes chapters on the makers of sulphides, including Baccarat, Clichy, and St. Louis. It covers English and Scottish makers, other European producers, and includes a section on "modern" sulphides (circa 1968).

Identifying Antique Paperweights Millefiore Identifying Antique Paperweights: Millefiori - by George Kulles


Identifying Antique Paperweights Lampwork Identifying Antique Paperweights: Lampworked - by George Kulles

Identifying Antique Paperweights Less Familiar Identifying Antique Paperweights: Less Familiar - by George Kulles


Magic in Glass Paperweights of Charles Kaziun Magic in the Glass - The Paperweight Artistry of Charles Kaziun, Jr. - by Bernard A Drabeck




Paperweights by Rick AyotteSongs Without Words, The Art of The Paperweight: Rick Ayotte - by Lawrence Selman


Josh Simpson Glass Artist Josh Simpson Glass Artist - by Andrew Chaikin

We also have this book on our Glass Artists 'shelf', but included it here because of Josh's incredible "Worlds". Rooted in the art of the paperweight, his "worlds" have evolved into much, much  more.




Paul Stankard Lampworked Paperweights Paul J. Stankard - Homage to Nature - by Ulysses Grant Dietz

Like Josh Simpson's 'worlds', Paul Stankard's incredible lampworked glass creations started out in the form of paperweights, but have gone way beyond the limitations of the round form typified by most weights.



Old English Paperweights Old English Paperweights - by Robert G. Hall


Paperweights from Great Britain Paperweights From Great Britain 1930-2000 - by John Simmonds

Scottish Paperweights Scottish Paperweights - by Robert G. Hall

Caithness Paperweight Catalog Caithness Paperweights - by Colin Terris


Aggies immies shooters marble bookAggies, Immies, Shooters, and Swirls: The Magical World of Marbles

Contemporary marble glass bookContemporary Marbles and Related Art Glass (Schiffer)

antique marble ID bookCollecting Antique Marbles: Identification And Price Guide

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