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Out-of-print and Hard-to-find books and information for Glass Artists and Collectors
G. Argy-Rousseau Pate de Verre

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OnTheRoadNow.com - This site features the adventures of two 60-something travelers who sold everything (including their home) in order to travel the world and see "What's over there?"

The Alternative Medicine Clinic - Homepage of some of the best Naturopathic doctors in the World ! And they sell natural vitamins and nutritional supplements online.

The Book of Wealth Here's a link to one of the rarest books you've probably never heard of (It's actually a set of 10 volumes). Published in 1896 by Hubert Howe Bancroft, The Book of Wealth is described as "An Inquiry into the Nature and Distribution of the World's Resources and Riches, and a History of the Origin and Influence of Property, its Possession, Accumulation and Disposition in all Ages and among all Nations." Dr. John F. Demartini, one of the stars of the movie "The Secret," speaks very highly of The Book of Wealth.

The Translation Page - A really neat site that will translate from or to English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Portuguese. Habla Espanol?

Currency exchange rate calculator - As long as you're doing a translation, why not see how much your money's worth there?

The U.S. Postal Service - Postage rate calculators, new stamp designs, address change information, etc.

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