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Out-of-print and Hard-to-find Books and information for Glass Artists and Collectors
G. Argy-Rousseau Pate de Verre

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We've been working with GLASS in its various forms for more than 40 years. During all those years we've found one of the most important items in our tool kit to be information: Information on technique, style, properties of the medium, and historical reference. Finding that information, however, has sometimes proven to be a difficult task.

Through diligent searching among libraries, book stores, and fellow artisans, we've been able to put together a growing collection of books, catalogs, clippings, and ephemera related to GLASS.

To assist other glass artists in their own search for information, we've reprinted some of this material in a series of booklets under the imprint of FLEDGLING STUDIO. We also offer for sale, from time to time, duplicates or books we no longer need in our library. By making this information more readily available, our hope is that, perhaps, we'll all be able to spend more of our time exploring and perfecting our craft.

John R. Cumbow
Fledgling Studio
Stanwood, Washington

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