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We like Dale Chihuly. We especially like what Dale has done for the modern studio glass movement.

He has almost single-handedly put Glass Art back on the map - worldwide (with a major assist, of course, from all of the glass artists who've worked on his "teams").

Dale was instrumental in the founding of the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, USA... Now, there are glass "schools" all over the world.

There's a growing pool of internationally-known glass artists who travel around to all of those schools and offer their skills and knowledge to students interested in glass.

Dale may not have been the first (Harvey Littleton beat him to it), but we think Dale has certainly had the most impact.

Thanks, Dale!

Here are some of our favorite books on Chihuly art glass:

Chihuly: Form from Fire by Dale Chihuly, Henry Geldzahler (Contributor), Walter Darby Bannard, Lowe Art Museum

Chihuly - by Donald Kuspit, Jack Cowart (Introduction), Dale Chihuly

The fantastic, sometimes alarming glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly are lavishly and beautifully photographed in this enchanting display of his work, and rewardingly discussed by Mr. Kuspit. Biographical information and location of the works are included.

Chihuly: Glass in Architecture - by Sarah Bremser, Kaohsi Tsai-Lan

"Chihuly is primarily an installation artist," suggests independent curator Sarah Bramser in her essay, "Dale Chihuly: Spontaneity and Space," for "Chihuly: Glass in Architecture." This lavishly illustrated book, published in conjunction with the artist's 1994 exhibition at the Kaohsing Museum of Fine Arts, documents many of Chihuly's temporary and permanent installation works, including Union Station in Tacoma. Full color photographs of the installations in process as well as completed are featured, giving the reader a fuller sense of Chihuly's creative process as he responds to architectural spaces.

Chihuly's Pendletons And Their Influence on His Work - by Dale Chihuly, Charles J. Lohrmann

Chihuly Projects - by Dale Chihuly, Barbara Rose, Dale M. Lanzone

Chihuly: Seaforms - by Joan S. Robinson, Diana Johnson (Editor), Dale Chihuly, Sylvia A. Earle

In "Chihuly: Seaforms," Artforum art critic Seeman Robinson discusses Chihuly's most exquisite and ethereal series, invoking the spontaneous automatic drawings of the Surrealists, the water lilies of Claude Monet, the action painting of Jackson Pollock, and Henri Matisse's "Swimming Pool." Oceanographer and explorer, Sylvia Earle, former chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, finds in Chihuly's evocative Seaforms not only "reflections of skill, passion, teamwork and sheer genius" but also "tributes" to the sea. The saturated color of the 4D full-color pages, including many double-page spreads, conveys the sensuousness of Chihuly's glass works and drawings.

Chihuly Baskets - by Dale Chihuly, Linda Norden, Murray Morgan, Murry Morgan

Seeing Northwest Indian baskets collapsing under their own weight inspired Chihuly to create his groundbreaking Basket series. He translated the sagging woven-fiber works into translucent glass, eternally arresting their surrender to gravity-stopping time--and staking out his own aesthetic territory with those aymmetrical forms. Scattered throughout the book are brief statements by the artist revealing his working process. It also features sepia-toned photographs of Indian baskets from Chihuly's personal collection and full-color working shots. --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title listed below.

Chihuly Baskets: Tucson Museum of Art, April 25 Through June 25, 1982: San Diego Museum of Art, July 17 Through September 7, 1982 - by Linda Norden, Murray Morgan

This is the paperback edition of the book listed above.

Chihuly Over Venice: Nuutajarvi, Finland Part I, June 1995 - by Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Persians - by Tina Oldknow

Classical Greece, Persia, Byzantium, the Islamic world, Venice and the art nouveau style can all be seen as sources for Chihuly's Persian series, argues art historian Tina Oldknow in "An Ancient Legacy," her insightful essay in "Chihuly: Persians." Oldknow reviews the accomplishments of Chihuly's artistic ancestors, from the anonymous makers of Egyptian cave-formed vessels to Louis Comfort Tiffany. Particular attention is paid to his search for new forms, by which the author suggests a comparison to Persian gardens and carpets.

Atlantis - by Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Alla Macchia: From the George R. Stroemple Collection Exhibition - by Dale Chihuly, Robert Carleton Hobbs, Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Dale Chihuly's obsession with color--"I never saw one I didn't like"--and his insatiable desire to experiment inspired his Macchia (Italian for "spot" or "stain") series. "Chihuly alla Macchia" traces its development from the first small, oddly shaped, grotesquely colored vessels, dubbed the "uglies" by Chihuly's forthright mother when they began in 1981, to the recent flamboyant and exuberantly hued Macchia. "Chihuly alla macchia" reproduces, in full color, the 39 glass works and 15 drawings included in the 1993 exhibition of the George R. Stroemple collection at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.

Chihuly in Australia: Glass and Works on Paper - by Geoffrey Edwards

Chihuly Over Venice - by Dana Self, William Warmus, Dale Chihuly

Bound like an artist's sketchbook with a tipped-in image of a Venice Canal, gondola and glass sculpture, "Chihuly over Venice" documents the culmination of this amazing artistic odyssey that took the artist from his Seattle Boathouse hot shop to Nuutajarvi, Finland; Waterford, Ireland; Monterrey, Mexico; and finally Venice. Writer William Warmus chronicles the culmination of this two-year project with his diary entries. Full-color photographs record for readers the installations as they were assembled. An extensive chronology traces the artist's career.

You can also get the video or DVD version of the PBS show:

Chihuly Over Venice (VHS 1998)

"Chihuly Over Venice" originally aired on PBS in January, 1999. Shot in High Definition Video, it is a beautifully photographed, insightful look into the creative process of a great American artist. The film follows Seattle glass artisan Dale Chihuly (and crew) during a two-year project to create installations for Venice, Italy. The videographers do an excellent job of capturing the mercurial and spontaneous nature of creative genius, and the results are truly magnificent. Chihuly's work is organic and mimics elements of nature found at the site, in this case either the site of creation or the site of installation. He works with crews in Monterrey, Mexico, the Waterford Crystal works in Ireland, and Murano, Italy to create some of the most astonishingly beautiful glass creations one could imagine. Without Chihuly, though, it would be difficult to imagine glass done to this level and on this scale. This film does a wonderful job capturing the luminous beauty of a fragile art form, and gives one true respect for the collaborative genius at work during its' creation. Highly recommended! --This text refers to the DVD edition

Edition Details:
NTSC format (US and Canada only) Color, NTSC

Chihuly Over Venice (DVD 1998)

Edition Details: Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only) Color, Closed-captioned

Pelleas - Melisande - Chihuly - by Speight Jenkins, Dale Chihuly

Venetians - by Dale Chihuly, Ron Glowen

Classic Chihuly, Superb visuals. The Portland Press second edition re-issue, a large format monograph, includes 61 color photographs along with 17 color reproductions of the artist's Venetian drawings on uncoated paper (very tactile, contrasts well with the glossy presentation of the glass). An autobiographical essay by Chihuly on the history of this series is also presented. The color photography is vibrant, highly detailed and graphically well presented. A must have for every Chihuly aficionado.

Essential Dale Chihuly - byWilliam Warmus

An introduction to Chihuly:112 pages, 74 color images - This general interest biography of artist Dale Chihuly (born 1941) describes his career in detail from the earliest basket sets to the large scale installations in Venice (1996) and Jerusalem (2000), illustrating each phase with color images, quotations from the artist, and historical text by the author. Includes documentation about his founding of the Pilchuck School, a section describing how studio glass is made, and descriptions and illustrations of each major series, including the Seaforms, Persians, Venetians, etc.

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