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Books about Beads & Beadmaking

Books about beads and beadmaking in our Glass Library

Here is the Bead shelf in our Glass Library. It's filled with books on beads (old and new), beadmaking, Trade Beads, antique beads, and a few other related topics.

You'll find more useful books in our Lampwork section.

There are probably some other good beadmaking books we don't know about yet. Find them by using the search box at the bottom of the page.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Beadmaking - by James Kervin

If you're into making glass beads, I really doubt that someone could tell you MORE than you want to know about it. I mean, if you're really into it, you always want to know more... Don't you? Jim's book comes closer to delivering on that promise than anything else I've seen.

And don't miss Jim's series of booklets on individual glass artists. Each one includes lots of color photos of beads, and some detailed "how-they-do-it" information.

Here are just a few of our favorites - there are several more titles available:

The Fanciful Floral Beads of Leah Fairbanks and Her Gardens of Glass

Aquarium and Landscape Beads of Patti Walton and Her Intricate Murrine

The Wild and Wonderful World of Sharon Peters and Her Silly Sculptural Shapes

The Classic Bead Shapes of Jim Smircich and His Amazing Control of Heat

Making Glass Beads by Cindy Jenkins

Making Glass Beads" is a 'must have' for any glass beadmaker, or bead collector as well. It features beautiful photos of work by some of the country's most outstanding glass bead artists, as well as clear and concise information and instructions.

The information, tips, and step by step photos give you what you need to explore the world of lampworking with ease, understanding and confidence.

Beads of Glass - JenkinsBeads of Glass - by Cindy Jenkins

Wow! Talk about cool lampworked glass beads! This book has a terrific selection of amazing beads made by several accomplished bead artists. Also includes illustrated step-by-step photos of some of their beadmaking techniques.

1000 Glass Beads1000 Glass Beads: Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking

If you need inspiration, here it is. Beautifully illustrated. Loaded with a dazzling array of contemporary glass beads. A wishbook of designs, concepts, and "how'd they do that?" moments. Can you tell that I really love this book?

Complete Glass BeadmakingThe Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking - by Kimberley Adams

If you've got Cindy Jenkins' book on glass beadmaking, take a look at this one, too. You just may learn something new.

History of BeadsThe History of Beads : From 30,000 B.C. to the Present - by Lois Sherr Dubin.

This remarkable book is a comprehensive history of beads. ...several thousand examples of beads, beaded jewelry, and beadwork... 40,000 years of history... drawn from every major culture and region of the world.

...(Beads) have been used throughout the world... as talismans.., status symbols..., religious artifacts..., and as a standard medium of barter...

Author Lois Dubin presents the panoramic scope of these ubiquitous objects... Her story begins with the dawn of modern people and finishes with today's exciting renaissance of bead craftsmanship.

In fifteen chapters ...beads are examined for their historical information, their impact on cultural cross-fertilization, and the light they shed on the ritualistic practices of various peoples. Special attention is given to important materials, techniques, and bead types: in particular, the splendid ojime, the extraordinary beauty of amber and pearls, and the magical talismanic properties of eye beads.

In over 100 full color illustrations, the beads of the world are displayed. Also included are a bead-shape chart and an extraordinary 8-page foldout of over 2,000 beads in full color, assembled as a time line that places every important bead type in its cultural and historic context.

Also available in an abridged "concise edition".

Glass Beads From Europe - by Sibylle Jargstorf

Glass in Jewelry - by Sibylle Jargstorf

Trade Bead Sketchbook The Olde Bead Monger's Trade Bead Sketchbook - by James E. Byrd

Millefiori Beads From the West African Trade - by John Picard

Early Glass of the Ancient World: 1600 B.C.-A. D. 50

In addition to wonderful photographs of ancient glass examples from the Corning Museum, this huge book includes a section detailing modern attempts to duplicate the original works, including coreforming techniques.

Early Ancient Glass: Core Formed, Rod-Formed, and Cast Vessels and Objects from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Roman Empire, 1600 Bc to Ad 50

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